For Participants

Every clinical trial has its unique characteristics, which define the specific profile for required participants. Additionally, each project is based on distinct inclusion and exclusion criteria. To ensure the selection of suitable candidates, we conduct a rigorous screening process involving precise clinical assessments. This serves the dual purpose of confirming that participants meet the necessary health criteria and, equally importantly, safeguards their well-being.

At MRI and Hospital Metropolitano, we are committed to delivering excellence and displaying utmost empathy throughout the entire participant journey. Prior to their involvement, all participants will receive comprehensive information about the study, ensuring their safety and providing confidence in the research process. This commitment to transparency and safety remains consistent throughout all phases of the study.

Patient safety and security

The research conducted at MRI complies with rigorous worldwide scientific and ethical standards. Due to the experimental nature of the studies, they comply with a regulatory framework with strict measures to protect the safety of the participants.

In Costa Rica, we work under the Biomedical Research Regulatory Law (Law 9234), which regulates responsibilities, patient care, ethical bases, follow-up, and patient safety.

In all clinical research, there is informed consent per national regulations so that patients have peace of mind and certainty that the entire process takes place under regulated standards and confidentiality.

Likewise, all clinical research must first undergo an exhaustive review process that ensures scientific validity and compliance with ethical standards, carried out by the Scientific Ethical Committees (a body completely independent of the research). In Costa Rica, these Committees must be accredited by the National Health Research Council (CONIS, by its Spanish acronym), the first national regulatory body attached to the Ministry of Health.

Thus, to develop clinical studies in the most ethical, safe, and professional way possible, researchers must undergo a strict accreditation process by CONIS.

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